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Mary Beth Doyle Environmental Health Fund


In honor of our beloved friend and colleague, Mary Beth Doyle, we have created the Mary Beth Doyle Environmental Health Fund to continue her work. The fund supports Ecology Center campaigns that are exceptionally important and urgent but could otherwise not be funded, focusing on environmental health issues that were important to Mary Beth, such as working for clean air, safe consumer products, and women's and children's health. Learn more about the different ways this fund benefits our work by reading this article in the July 2008 EcoLink.

Thanks to everyone who has shared condolences about our friend and colleague Mary Beth Doyle. Her death in November 2004 felt both untimely and unfair, and we miss her greatly.

She was tireless in her pursuit of justice for those who have been damaged by environmental pollution, yet joyful and filled with life in that work.

Contributions to the fund can be sent to:

The Ecology Center
c/o The Mary Beth Doyle
Environmental Health Fund
339 E. Liberty, Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Or submit your contribution online. Please specify the "Mary Beth Doyle Environmental Health Fund" under Additional Information at the bottom of the page.



Mary Beth Doyle: Tributes & Remembrances


Visit the event page for the annual 'Dance for the Earth' benefit, held during Earth Month in honor of Mary Beth Doyle.