The Ecology Center welcomes Governor’s call for energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protections

Speech cites support for renewable energy standards

Environmental groups including the Ecology Center welcomed Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s pledge that “we must make sure our energy choices always recognize our responsibility to protect Michigan’s environment.”

Snyder delivered a long-awaited message on energy and environmental policy today (Nov. 28), with far-reaching recommendations on energy generation, transmission and delivery, as well as on recycling and other environmental issues.

“We were pleased that Governor Snyder indicated his strong support for maintaining the current energy efficiency and renewable energy standards, despite interest from many of his own party in rolling them back,” according to Charles Griffith, climate and energy program director at the Ecology Center.

“And we are happy that he has committed to begin the process of increasing those standards beyond 2015," Griffith said. "But we wish he would have made a stronger commitment to specific targets, recognizing the strong support voters expressed to pollsters after the election earlier this month. Otherwise, the process could easily get bogged down by energy interests opposed to clean energy."

In his remarks about energy, Snyder said, “There are three pillars that every decision must stand on: excellent reliability, an affordable price and a protected environment.”

“The best way to achieve all three of those goals is to commit Michigan to energy efficiency and generating more of our power from renewable sources right here at home,” Griffith said.

In addition to welcoming Snyder’s commitment to taking a fresh look at renewable energy, the Ecology Center supports the governor's commitment to work on a comprehensive plan to reduce waste and increase recycling rates throughout the state.

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Published on November 28, 2012