A Challenge: Increase Ann Arbor workplace charging opportunities ten-fold

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ann Arbor has one of the highest concentrations of electric vehicle charging opportunities in the state, but unfortunately, owning an EV is still less than convenient. That’s why the Ecology Center, as part of the Drive Electric A2 Partnership, is helping launch the Drive Electric Ann Arbor Workplace Charging Challenge. 

Our goal: increase workplace charging opportunities in Ann Arbor ten-fold in the next five years.


We announced the challenge on Thursday April 16 at a workshop on EV charging at the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority, where experts explained the benefits of supporting electric vehicle charging, gave examples of successful installations in the local area, and offered step-by-step guidance for installing stations. 

In accepting DEA2P’s Workplace Charging Challenge, local businesses pledge to assess employee demand for electric vehicle workplace charging and develop a plan for potential installations of EV charging stations.

Partners of the Workplace Charging Challenge, such as AVL Powertrain Engineering, the Ann Arbor DDA, and the City of Ann Arbor,  join a strong network of employers across the city who help determine best practices of workplace charging and are locally and nationally recognized for their efforts.

“DEA2P is bringing together a variety of stakeholders who are excited about the different ways of making electric vehicles affordable, convenient, and accessible, like increasing access to workplace charging” said our Climate and Energy program director, Charles Griffith. “We’re channeling that excitement into a partnership that learns from, and is inspired by each other’s success stories.” 

For more information, visit the DEA2P website.


Published on April 15, 2015