Kick the tires of the automotive future during National Plug-In Day Sept. 23

Electric vehicles on parade from Saline to Ann Arbor

Local drivers will get a chance to kick the tires of the automotive future in Saline and Ann Arbor on Sunday Sept. 23 at local events being held in conjunction with the celebration of National Plug-In Day.

The local events will feature a parade of electric vehicles from Saline to Ann Arbor, street displays of all the plug-in vehicles on the road today, and opportunities for test drives.

The day’s events will begin at 2 p.m. with a line-up of vehicles and test drives available at the corner of S. Ann Arbor St. and Michigan Ave. in Saline. The parade will leave Saline at 3 p.m. for Ann Arbor, arriving at the DTE parking lot at Main and William by 4 p.m., where a second show of cars and ride-and-drive event will be held.

"It’s a perfect opportunity for people who are curious about electric vehicles but aren’t hooked yet to see the cars up close, talk with owners and look under the hood," according to Charles Griffith, climate and energy program director at the Ecology Center.

"Switching to electric vehicles would save drivers money and help reduce emissions for all of us."

The Ecology Center and the Michigan Electric Auto Association are organizing the event, along with other local partners and sponsors, to bring the attention of the media, policymakers, and the public to electric vehicles and the significant oil and emissions savings that a switch to electric vehicles (EV) will deliver.

Among other attractions, the event will allow drivers opportunities to:

  • Examine currently available plug‐in EVs of all kinds, plus an antique EV, and unique EV conversions
  • Talk to people who drive EVs every day
  • Watch a parade of EVs
  • Take test rides/drives in a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi MiEV, Ford Focus, Tesla Model S, Ford Ranger, Th!nk City, electric scooters, plus unique EV conversions
  • Talk to DTE, EV equipment and service providers about charging stations, plug‐in kits and EV charging programs.

National Plug In Day is the nation’s largest grassroots EV event, and is sponsored by the Sierra Club, Plug‐In America,and the Electric Auto Association. More than 50 cities will participate with EV celebrations: ride-and-drives, awards, city proclamations, charging infrastructure spotlights, press conferences, community and business leader presentations, informational tables, and more.

Local sponsors include Saline Main Street, the Ann Arbor Main Street Area Association, Ann Arbor Spark, DTE Energy, the Clean Energy Coalition, Varsity Ford, Ann Arbor Automotive, SPS, Enginer and Motor City Motors.

For more information, contact: Terry Gallagher,, 734-369-9267; or Bruce Westlake, Michigan Electric Auto Association,

Published on September 12, 2012