Partner Spotlight: Generation with Promise

Getting to Know our Fresh Prescription Partners: Henry Ford Health System Generation With Promise

We are pleased to feature an interview with one of our Fresh Prescription partners, Chinyere Uju-eke, Community Educator at Henry Ford Health System.

Chinyere Uju-Eke, Community Educator
Henry Ford Health System, Generation With Promise

Why did you decide to participate in the Fresh Prescription program?
I personally took on this project because I wanted to engage with community members, communities, and neighborhoods. I also wanted to work with stakeholders to bring a viable resource to individuals and their communities.
What about the program excites you?  Or, what has been an unexpected positive outcome?
This program excites me because it brings awareness to health disparities in Detroit and allows community members to think about and take a different approach toward combating health conditions. This program also excites me because we get the opportunity to engage and build relationships with community members.
What are some of the challenges (expected or discovered)?
With our program specifically, we had some difficulty getting prescriptions written. The providers were fond of the program and were more than happy to help us meet our goals; however I believe that because the program was not a part of their normal routine, writing the prescriptions were not on their radar when they were consulting with patients.
What results do you hope to see (or have you seen) in your community/ patients/ clients?
I have seen (I would hope to see more) patients really become more conscious of what foods they purchase, prepare and eat. I have also seen patients build self-efficacy around incorporating more fruits and vegetables into meals and snacks.
How do you expect or hope the partnership will grow/ evolve?  Do you plan to participate again?
I certainly hope to participant in this program again. I am hoping that the Fresh Prescription program will grow beyond what we planned for this year with K15 Internal Medicine.
What kind of feedback or responses did you receive from participants?
Participants absolutely love the program. They are eager to try new things and are learning more than they expected to learn.
One participant informed me that she originally enrolled in this program as a means to get another source of food, but she gained way more than she expected. She informed me that she was sleeping better at night, and felt a lot better.

Another participant, a diabetic who recently gained guardianship of her granddaughter, enrolled in our program. In an effort to set a good example for her granddaughter, she wanted to change her lifestyle choices, so that her granddaughter did not have to endure the same chronic condition. She informed me that the program helped changed her perspective on fruits and vegetables.


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Published on October 12, 2015