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New partnership to support electric vehicles in Ann Arbor

At the Sept. 15 City Council meeting, Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje presented a proclamation in support of National Drive Electric Week...

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Electric cars rolling out in Ann Arbor Sept. 19

Dozens of electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts will get together to highlight the fun, clean-air benefits, and cost-savings of electric cars from...

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Michigan would get more benefit from electric vehicles if we cleaned up our power grid

Ann Arbor supports plug-in vehicle infrastructure

In a great example of a good start, Ann Arbor’s city council passed a resolution earlier this month...

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Imposing special taxes on electric vehicles would be 'shortsighted'

In some states around the country, legislators have responded to the declining revenues from gas taxes by calling for a special tax on electric vehicles, an approach that the Ecology Center’s...

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Michigan needs to get back to creating Michigan jobs. The electric vehicle sector gives us the opportunity to put people back to work. Electric cars and advanced batteries are elements to a stronger automobile industry.

Michigan’s advanced battery and electric vehicle industries:

  • create thousands of jobs, 
  • reduce dependence on foreign oil, and 
  • save consumers money at the pump. 

We urge Michigan policymakers to continue their support of Michigan’s emerging electric car industry by enacting policies and education programs that encourage the purchase and increased use of electric vehicles and help build-out the electric charging infrastructure.

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