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Classroom Programs


The Ecology Center’s classroom programs are exciting, hands-on, and informational. Not only are they fun for students, but they are also aligned with the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs) to ensure that they will fit in with teachers’ curriculum needs. No matter which program you choose, students will get the message of what they can do to protect our environment!

For Elementary School Students

  • Wee Recycle: Stories, songs, and experimentation with playdough emphasize what recycling is, why it is important, and how to participate in the recycling process. For preschool and kindergarten students.
  • Compostability: Learn more about nature’s recycling — through story, song, and hands-on exploration. Recommended for 1st grade.
  • Grow, Eat & Throw: Explore life cycles of common food products, tracing where they are grown or made, how they are distributed, and what happens to products when we are done with them. Recommended for 2nd grade. SPRING ONLY
  • Project Recycle! Through a series of engaging activities, students learn what happens to the trash and recyclables that we dispose of every day, and they become experts on how to recycle in their own schools and homes. Recommended for 3rd grade.
  • Nature Recycles: Recycling is an important way to deal with waste, and nature has been doing it all along! Students will examine recycling, composting, and natural decomposition. We’ll even give you a great compost “recipe!” Recommended for 4th grade. FALL ONLY
  • Pollution Prevention and You: In this exciting simulation, students act as “planners,” design an area, and then observe what happens when a pollution risk comes into their area. Recommended for 5th grade.

For Middle School and High School Students

  • Our Material World: Hands-on activities and discussion facilitate an examination of resource consumption and standard of living in various countries around the world. For 6th-8th grades.
  • Hungry Planet: Students examine food consumption, comparing how and what people eat, while thinking about the relationship between food and solid waste generation. For 6th-8th grades.

  • Living Lightly on the Earth: This program examines how we can treat our earth with respect! Students explore the consumer choices that we make every day, and the thought processes behind our decisions. For high school students.

For more information about bringing these workshops to your school, please contact our Education Director by emailing or by calling (734) 369-9272.