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Educational Services

In the past, the Ecology Center has offered a variety of educational services for educators. If you are interested in receiving training or curriculum support, please contact us to tell us about your needs! Here is a sampling of services we have provided to teachers and organizations in the past:

Teacher Training

Teachers always leave our inservice programs with a wealth of activities they can use in the classroom. We can tailor a training session for your particular needs, but here is a list of possible themes:

  • Beyond Recycling: Other Solid Waste Classroom Activities
  • Household Hazardous Materials
  • Making Earth Day Every Day in Your Classroom
  • Nature for the Very Young
  • Teaching Pollution Prevention

Curriculum Development

Over the years, Ecology Center staff have developed many curricular materials on environmental topics, including alternative fuel vehicles, groundwater, energy, hazardous materials, land use, recycling, solid waste, water, and more. These materials have been created for target audiences ranging from preschool ages through adults. They have taken the format of games, computer materials, traditional lesson plans, project-based science educational plans, videos, and more. Generally, our curricula take a hands-on approach to a problem, so that students learn by doing. If you are interested in having our staff develop programs that meet your needs, please contact us with your questions.


Curricula Digitization

The Ecology Center has created many different curricula through the decades. This year we are beginning the process of reviewing and updating the curricula, creating digital files so that teachers will be able to download the activities from our website. We are starting the digitization process with updating our GEE-WOW: Adventures in Water Education curriculum.

Our next project will be the Toxics in My Home curriculum.