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There are so many wonderful resources to help learners of any ages explore their interests. Check out some of the resources we collected and organized below.

They are organized by content type:

Recycling, Reducing, Reusing
Green Chemistry

Recycling & Solid Waste Management

Recycling Ann Arbor's A-Z Recycling Guide
Wondering what can and cannot go in that pesky bin in the classroom? Or how to get rid of that VCR that's taking up space? Use Recycle Ann Arbor's guide find out!

Waste Watcher Comic Series
What happens when you release waste-watching superheroes in Ann Arbor? Find out by reading through these comics below. Use this in the classroom to incorporate creativity, language arts, and saving the environment! You can even have your class create their own superheroes. They explore topics from home toxics to story of the unsmelly bus.


Curbside Compost Bin 

Curious about what can and cannot go in your City of Ann Arbor curbside compost bin? Click here for an overview.

Setting Up a Worm Bin

Interested in seeing how (or having!) worms eat your garbage? Click here to look at a simple how-to guide to setting up a worm bin in the classroom. 

Schoolyard Composting

Interesting in building a compost pile at your school? Click here for a simple overview of different options and recipes.

Green Chemistry

Michigan's GC Clearinghouse

Learn about the basic principles of green chemistry and Michigan's committment to advancing green chemistry education and development throughout the state. Click here.

Taking GC into the Classroom

Beyond Benign has taken a leadership role in developing high-quality green chemistry units. These lessons address current education standards, while pushing students to explore realms of environmental ethics and sustainable development from an interdisciplinary perspective. Take a look at their classroom-tested, cutting-edge green chemistry curricula by clicking here.

GC at the Ecology Center

Learn about the Ecology Center's role in advocating for green chemistry by clicking here.


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Published on January 29, 2015