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New Report Reveals the Dangers of Using Antibacterial Products

Do you look for the phrase “kills germs” on products? For some, this popular claim serves as an indicator of strength and effectiveness and the reason to choose one product over another...

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'The Human Experiment' documents toll of toxic chemicals

Jennifer Canvasser knows that stories of personal struggles are powerful. That’s one reason why Canvasser, environmental health organizer at the Ecology Center, allowed her own heart-breaking...

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Toxic worries? website helps find safer products

Information gathered by advocates investigating toxic chemicals in food, baby products, toys, furniture, construction materials and other consumer goods was unveiled on a new...

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Meet Lois Gibbs: May 9th at the Ecology Center

Lois GibbsJoin us on May 9th as we welcome Lois Gibbs for an evening of...

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Making safer products for consumers brings leading companies to Ann Arbor

Representatives of more than 40 leading national and global companies will be meeting in Ann Arbor from May 9-11 to discuss how they can do more to reduce exposure to toxics and other chemical...

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Greening Health Care

The health care sector is nearly one fifth of the nation’s economy, and has an equally large environmental footprint. Transforming that sector, and enlisting health professionals to articulate the health benefits of the transformation to safer materials is our mission. [READ MORE]

Advocating for Safer Chemicals

While leaders in industry can and must lead a transformation to a safer material economy, government policy change can make it easier, more efficient, and mandatory. That’s why we work for policy change to make doing the right thing easier and the wrong thing harder. [READ MORE]

Advancing Green Chemistry

The Ecology Center helped create the nation’s first state-level Gubernatorial Green Chemistry Awards, and the first state-supported Green Chemistry Program. The program promotes research, development, demonstration, education and technology transfer to advance Green Chemistry in the state. [READ MORE]

Holding Industry Accountable

Keeping the chemical industry honest and accountable for past and present pollution helps create the right incentives for a greener future. [READ MORE]