Azuma, Japan

Steel wheel weights
Steel Wheel Weights

Azuma, based in Japan has pioneered the development of steel wheel weights. Steel wheel weights have been in production since June of 1998, when Azuma, a Japanese company, began manufacturing adhesive steel weights. Clip-on steel weights have been available since April of 2001. Weights are avaiable both coated and un-coated in 5 to 50 gram sizes, in standard steel and aluminum clips.

For more information, go to Azuma on the Web (Japanese only).

Bada, U.S.

Bada, a division of Hennessey Industries, is currently producing steel weights for OEM and aftermarket applications. Weights in a number of styles and range of weight sizes will be available starting in July 2005.

For more information on Bada, go to BADA

P. C. Products

P. C. Products in Thailand also is producing a steel weight.

Perfect Equipment Co. LLC, U.S.

Perfect Equipment Company, LLC in Tennesssee is presently manufacturing steel wheel weights for the N. American market.

Information about Perfect Equipment can be obtained at:

Steel wheel weights
Steel Wheel Weights


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