Zinc wheel weights
Zinc Wheel Weights

Dionys Hofman

Dionys Hofman in Germany is currently producing zinc alloy weights for both OEM and aftermarket applications in Europe. The weights are available in 9 different designs and weights up to 60 grams. For more information go to http://www. dionys-hofmann.de/.

P. C. Products

P. C. Products in Thailand also is producing a zinc alloy weight.http://www.pcwheelweight.com

Perfect Equipment

Perfect Equipment Company, LLC in Tennesssee, manufactures MC and P style zinc weights for the U.S. market. 



Plombco in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada, is currently producing P, MC and FN style zinc wheel weights. For inquiries and information, visit their website at: http://www.plombco.com/


Trax in Welshpool, UK is producing a all European style wieghts in zinc. For more information, go to Trax.

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