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Toxics Hide-N-Seek; Exposing Secret Ingredients in Kids' Food

Most of us know the importance of a healthy diet.  Yet, much of our food is highly processed or tainted by growth hormones, antibiotics, and even toxic chemicals.

During this workshop...

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Keep it Real this Holiday Season

Tips For Avoiding Toxics and Staying Green

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Everyday Toxics & Our Health

An Environmental Health Chat sponsored by the Wayne State University's Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors (CURES), A National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Funded...

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The “Green” and Healthy Holiday Table

This Thanksgiving, approximately 278 million Americans will sit down with family or friends to enjoy a holiday meal. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes include cranberry sauce, green bean casseroles...

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Our Toxic Stuff Event

We wil explore the chemicals in our everyday products, their health effects, and how you can reduce your exposures. Bring in any children's products, pet toys, or other household items...

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Green Living Resources

LocalMotionGreen @ Ecology Center uses multiple modes of delivering information to consumers:

  • Healthy Living Library: on-line, searchable collection of information-packed articles and helpful resources for healthy living. Search by major categories such as Lawn & Garden, Bath & Body, Green Cleaning, and Pets or by key words such as BPA, pesticides, plastic, or VOC.
  • Shoppers’ Guides: downloadable, handy, color-coded guides for consumers to quickly reference products to look for and ingredients to avoid.
  • Healthy Living Videos: short videos providing useful knowledge and helpful tips on ways to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in daily life.
  • Green Living Workshops: fun and engaging community presentations available to small groups.
  • Mind the Store: easy ways to take action encouraging the nation's top 10 retailers to reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products. 

Green Living Workshops

The educational programs of LocalMotionGreen @ Ecology Center raise public awareness about environmental toxics found in everyday products in an effort to promote improved health and quality of life.

Programs include:

  • GardenGreen: promotes pesticide-free gardening offering lawn and garden tips with details of how to build healthy soil, effectively combat pests, and fertilize naturally. 
  • Bath & Body: alerts consumers to personal care and cosmetic products that contain carcinogens and other hazardous chemicals.
  • Conscious Kitchen: informs about avoiding potential toxins in food and food preparation and storage.
  • Healthy Home: offers solutions to minimizing VOCs and other pollutants that offgas in our homes from paint, furniture, electronics, and other furnishings.
  • Non-toxic Nursery: focuses on the vulnerabilities of children and how to minimize harmful exposures in the home.
  • Green Cleaning: demonstrates how to make household cleaners with natural ingredients and how to interpret signal words on products.