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Toxics Hide-N-Seek; Exposing Secret Ingredients in Kids' Food

Most of us know the importance of a healthy diet.  Yet, much of our food is highly processed or tainted by growth hormones, antibiotics, and even toxic chemicals.

During this workshop...

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Keep it Real this Holiday Season

Tips For Avoiding Toxics and Staying Green

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Everyday Toxics & Our Health

An Environmental Health Chat sponsored by the Wayne State University's Center for Urban Responses to Environmental Stressors (CURES), A National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Funded...

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The “Green” and Healthy Holiday Table

This Thanksgiving, approximately 278 million Americans will sit down with family or friends to enjoy a holiday meal. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes include cranberry sauce, green bean casseroles...

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Our Toxic Stuff Event

We wil explore the chemicals in our everyday products, their health effects, and how you can reduce your exposures. Bring in any children's products, pet toys, or other household items...

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Policy Advocacy
The MNCEH works at the state and federal levels to advocate for policies that protect children from exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products, our homes and the environment. Our current priorities are comprehensive legislation to give Michiganders the right-to-know if toxic chemicals are in children’s products and several policies that would ban or restrict the use of certain toxic substances including toxic flame retardants and the pesticide lindane, and federal legislation to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Education and Outreach
The MNCEH organizes and trains our partners to run Home Safe Home parties; a fun and effective way to teach citizens how to reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals.

Home Safe Home Party Options
Our Toxic Stuff – Toxic chemicals in consumer products.
Keeping it Green While you Clean – Toxic chemicals in household cleaning products.
What’s Bromine doing in my Burger? Toxic chemicals in the food system.
Pretty Gross – Toxic chemicals in cosmetics.

Citizen Science Corps
The Citizen Science Corps aims to build an understanding of the science behind environmental health issues, engage citizen scientists in policy efforts, connect citizens scientists to cutting edge research and researchers from Michigan and throughout the world, and contribute to building a better understanding of environmental health threats facing our communities.

MNCEH Member organizations

American Academy of Pediatrics (Michigan Chapter) • Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) • Association for Children’s Mental Health • Autism Society of Michigan • Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination • Clean Water Fund • Clinton County Family Resource Center • Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice • East Michigan Environmental Action Council • Ecology Center • Environment Michigan • Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan • Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) of Michigan  • LocalMotionGreen • Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners •  Michigan Coalition for Children and Families • Michigan Environmental Council • Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund • Michigan Nurses Association • Michigan Psychological Association • Science and Environmental Health Network • Sierra Club Michigan Chapter • Voices for Earth Justice