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Dangerous chemicals hidden in popular Halloween costumes and 'Trick or Treat' bags

Elevated levels of toxic chemicals were found in popular Halloween costumes, accessories and party supplies in a study released Oct. Read More »

Our Toxic Stuff Event

We wil explore the chemicals in our everyday products, their health effects, and how you can reduce your exposures. Bring in any children's products, pet toys, or other household items to test for toxic chemicals. We'll have our portable X-Ray Fluorescence device on hand to test your items.  Read More »

Candidate Education 2014

The Ecology Center would like to congratulate all of Michigan’s Read More »

New Report Reveals the Dangers of Using Antibacterial Products

Do you look for the phrase “kills germs” on products? For some, this popular claim serves as an indicator of strength and effectiveness and the reason to choose one product over another. A recent report shows why “kills germs” on a label may actually be reason enough to leave that product on the shelf.   Read More »

New tests find bee-killing pesticides in 51% of 'bee-friendly' plants from garden centers across U.S. and Canada

[DETROIT, MI]– Many “bee-friendly” home garden plants sold at Home Depot (NYSE: HD), Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW) and Walmart (NYSE: WMT) have been pre-treated with pesticides shown to harm and kill bees, according to a study released today by Friends of the Earth and allies, including the Ecology Center. The study can be downloaded at Read More »

Study finds lead-abatement a sound investment for Michigan

A coalition of health and environmental groups including the Ecology Center and the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health, has called on the Snyder administration to recommit to lead abatement as a sound economic investment and a critical public health step for Michigan’s future. Read More »

'Wiki' to provide information about protecting children from environmental health hazards

Protecting children from environmental health hazards is the goal of a “wiki,” or database of research, authoritative reports, and relevant policy activity and recommendations that was recently launched by the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health and the Ecology Center. Read More »

March Badness! How toxic is your university fan gear?

It’s March and if you live in a college town like I do, that means one thing… MARCH MADNESS!!! This season, is taking a look into the hazardous chemicals in our favorite University Themed products. Read More »

Our Toxic Stuff Event

What's the connection between our health and our stuff, like our furniture, electronics, and children's products? Many of our everyday products contain formaldehyde, toxic flame retardants, and other chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and cognitive impairments. Read More »

Green Cosmetics Seminar

April 10th: Cosmetic companies do not have to prove their body care products are safe before they reach store shelves. Indeed many body care products in the U.S. contain chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health concerns. Find out what to look for on the label and how to avoid the top 5 most prevalent and hazardous chemicals. Read More »