Hundreds come out for ‘Mission Zero Fest'

Making a celebration out of reducing our carbon footprint 


More than 1,500 homeowners, renters, activists and simply curious folks toured six ultra-green homes, attended sustainability workshops and enjoyed food and music during Mission Zero Fest (MZF) in Ann Arbor earlier this month.

“The program is designed to be part sustainability symposium, part environmental exhibition, part green home tour, and part neighborhood block party,” according to Monica Patel, policy specialist at the Ecology Center and coordinator of Ann Arbor 350.  Patel served on the executive committee for MZF and helped organize and coordinate the work of dozens of volunteers during the two-day event.

Mission Zero refers to the efforts to make homes self-sufficient in terms of energy and water consumption, using no non-renewable resources.

“The event is focused on grassroots solutions to a complex global problem—climate change—which is one reason why Ann Arbor 350 is one of the celebration’s sponsors,” Patel said. “We’re teaching community members how to lower their household's carbon footprint—both renters and owners have plenty of takeaways.”

Organizers solicited and received feedback from participants that will help make next year’s event better. Many of the comments highlighted the fun aspects of the program, including a note from one participant who said the music helped “instill the sense that this was an exciting, energizing event with lots to do.”

Feedback from participants is still welcome. “And anyone interested in keeping up with events like MZF should check out, or sign up for our email list,” Patel said.


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