Campaign for Prop 3 mobilizing volunteers and gathering steam

Students, community members sign up for canvassing and phone banks

Following an enthusiastic endorsement by leading climate activist Bill McKibben in his appearance in Ann Arbor earlier this month, dozens of students and community members have signed up to support the Ecology Center's efforts to promote adoption of Prop 3, the proposal to increase Michigan's renewable energy standard (RES) to 25 percent by 2025.

"In his speech, McKibben made it very clear that supporting the 25x25 campaign is one of the most important environmental and climate issues facing us in Michigan today," according to Monica Patel, policy specialist at the Ecology Center. "Thanks to his specific endorsement, we were able to recruit dozens of volunteers who will be working phone banks and canvassing neighborhoods talking to voters between now and the election."

The campaign will get a lot of exposure on Monday, Oct. 1, with events to be held across the state where enviromental groups and activists will gather to show their support for Michigan jobs and clean energy.

In Ann Arbor, the roll-out will begin at 11 a.m. Monday at Arbor Brewing Company, 114 E. Washington. Local environmental groups and activists will gather that day to show their support for Michigan jobs and clean energy. Later that day, supporters will gather at the Ecology Center from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a "virtual phone bank," contacting likely voters to encourage them to support Prop 3.

The initiative, which will appear on the ballot Nov. 6, has received widespread, bipartisan support from business leaders, health professionals and labor and environmental groups.

Earlier this fall, a Michigan State University study said the renewable energy standard will create around 94,000 jobs in construction, operations, maintenance and manufacturing in the state.

"In addition to its benefits to the enviroment, the 25 x 25 proposal will create Michigan jobs, rebuild Michigan manufacturing, protect public health and get Michigan’s economy moving forward again," according to Alexis Blizman, the Ecology Center's legislative and policy director.

Similar measures have already been adopted in 30 other states, giving them a competitive edge over Michigan in putting their people back to work, Blizman said.

"The old-fashioned utility companies and their supporters have mounted a massive media campaign against the legislation, but we believe that our grass-roots efforts to reach voters will help turn the tide in our favor."

Those interested in joining the effort to support the renewable energy standard should click here.

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