New fuel economy standards 'biggest step we could take to break America's addiction to oil'

Standards will cut bills for familes, create jobs

Hundreds of Ecology Center members and supporters were among the tens of thousands of citizens who supported higher fuel economy standards earlier this year.

fuel economyIn what many observes see as very good news for American consumers and workers, the Obama adminstration issued new rules at the end of August that require automakers to double fuel economy of new cars and trucks by 2025.

"These standards are the biggest step we could take to break America’s addiction to oil, bar none," according to Charles Griffith, energy and climate program director at the Ecology Center.

The new rules are expected to save the average American family buying a car in 2025 between $3,000 and $4,400 over the car’s lifetime, and create 484,000 jobs economy-wide by 2030

"The federal automobile efficiency standards announced this week are an important step on America’s path to a lower-carbon and more-secure energy future," according to an editorial in the New York Times. "They are expected to yield multiple benefits: reduced dependence on foreign oil, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, consumer savings at the pump and a more competitive auto industry."

"Higher fuel-economy standards will spur American car makers to explore innovations that will add jobs across the economy, including 43,000 in the auto industry, and make America more competitive," Griffith said.

Earlier this year, the Ecology Center asked its members to voice their support for the higher fuel standards to the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; that appeal generated more than 400 messages sent to the federal agencies. "And no doubt, those comments and those of the hundreds of others who reached out in February had an impact," Griffith said.

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