Ecology Center adds solar power

Rooftop panels will provide electricity for lighting

Staff members, volunteers and electricians installed solar panels on the roof of the building housing the Ecology Center, 339 E. Liberty in Ann Arbor, earlier this panels on EC roof

The installation of eight panels, a 1.8 kW system, is expected to provide enough power for the office's lighting needs, according to Jeff Gearhart, research director of the Ecology Center as well as a licensed builder. Gearhart led the installation team with help from numerous staff members and volunteers on different parts of the project.

"This is another reflection of the Ecology Center's long-term commitment to demonstrating sound environmental practices on a local level," Gearhart said. "And having our staff and volunteers work on the installation is a way for us to extend the knowledge base more broadly in the community."

The Climate Action Plan adopted by the City of Ann Arbor in 2012 calls on local organizations and individuals to take action on climate change by advancing solutions and new ideas, according to Monica Patel, policy specialist at the Ecology Center.

"That's what we're hoping to do with this project, to show the community that progress is possible, and we can all do our parts," Patel says.

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