Recycle Ann Arbor launches free e-newsletter this month

Helpful hints as well as news at the local, state, and national levels.

“Recyclink” is either the sound made by a glass bottle landing in a recycling bin or the name of a new quarterly e-newsletter launched this month by Recycle Ann Arbor, covering zero waste and recovery issues at the local, state, and national levels.

The newsletter also includes timely information and useful advice for individuals, families and businesses about recycling services in Ann Arbor.

“We believe it’s time to stop ‘wasting away’ as a community, nation, and planet and instead embrace the ideals of ‘recovery,’ in every sense of the word, according to Christine Chessler-Stull, outreach and zero-waste coordinator at Recycle Ann Arbor, which is a subsidiary of the Ecology Center.

“In Washtenaw County, we are lucky to have many options to manage our waste, ranging from Ann Arbor's curbside recycling program to the county's Home Toxics Reduction Program, and our newsletter is one way we see to share information about those options."

The January issue, which went to more than 1,000 subscribers earlier this month, includes a reminder that the city won’t be picking up discarded Christmas trees from lawn extensions this month, and on the other hand, provides a link to helpful hints about keeping home composting going during the winter months.

Recyclink is not just for Ann Arbor or Washtenaw county residents, though. The first issue includes links to news from Lansing about the state’s embrace of a new recycling agenda, and to a report in a British newspaper about “circular economies” around the world.

This issue of Recyclink also features a DIY reuse project showing how to turn an old window frame, often available at the RAA’s ReUse Center, into a useful bulletin board.

“That’s the kind of idea that we see many times at RAA, when we learn about the creative ways that people have found to recycle, reuse and reduce waste in their lives,” Chessler-Stull says. “We think of Recyclink as a work in progress, adaptable, and flexible as future issues are developed, and hope our readers will share that kind of creativity with us to make it better.”

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EcoLink — January 2015
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