Ecology Center Program Director Leading the Midwest Region’s Global Warming Solutions Working Group.

On January 1st, our Climate and Energy Program Director, Charles Griffith, started a new role for the RE-AMP network as their Global Warming Solutions Working Group leader. RE-AMP is a 160-strong coalition of Midwest nonprofits and foundations working on energy policy and climate change. The network brings together conservation, energy, environmental, faith, labor, youth and other groups to develop common priorities with the goal of reducing global warming pollution economy-wide 80% by 2050. The Global Warming Solutions Working Group focuses on advancing comprehensive state and regional policies to reduce greenhouse gases and advocates for those policies. 

Currently, the working group's main focus is state implementation of the EPA's Clean Power Plan. The group's priorities include supporting state coalitions in developing strong state implementation plans that maximize renewable energy and energy efficiency, minimize dependence on natural gas, and encourage the retirement of coal-fired power plants. Ensuring robust stakeholder and public engagement processes in each of the states, and mobilizing a broad range of constituencies in state plan development, is a key objective of the working group. Charles is tasked with leading regular calls and meetings of working group members to facilitate learning between states, identify regional opportunities, and support their execution. In addition, in this role, he helps the network coordinate multi-state campaign tactics aimed at state, regional, and federal decision-makers. 

"RE-AMP is an extremely important network for promoting climate-friendly policies across the Midwest region and I am honored to be part of its leadership," stated Griffith. "I look forward to making significant progress in meeting our climate emission reduction goals and building a stronger movement to help us get there."

Charles is the first RE-AMP network member from the state of Michigan to serve as the leader of a working group. He was selected for this leadership role after a member vote and will hold the position for a two-year term. As a working group leader, he also holds a seat on the network's governing Steering Committee and is joined by the Michigan Environmental Council's Sarah Mullkoff, who serves as an at-large member of the steering committee. The Ecology Center's Health Outreach Coordinator, Mara Herman, also serves as the Working Group associate, providing critical support and coordination for the group.