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Ecology Center Supporters Celebrate 35 Years of Activism

January, February 2006

On Nov. 10, the Ecology Center celebrated its 35th Anniversary with special guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Mr. Kennedy was chosen to keynote this occasion because, like the Ecology Center, he is dedicated to defending local communities from developers and polluters.

The evening began with nearly 100 Ecology Center supporters joining Mr. Kennedy for dinner at Zanzibar (below). In addition to delicious food, guests were also treated to the opportunity to talk with Mr. Kennedy about their own environmental interests and experiences. He addressed the room about our shared dedication to a healthier world for future generations. The group then proceeded to the Michigan Theater.

Over 600 people came to see Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speak at the Michigan Theater. The program began with an introduction by Ecology Center Director Mike Garfield that recapped the inspiring history of the Ecology Center.

Mr. Kennedy delivered an eloquent and powerful speech (see Profits, Politics & Pollution) on how the environment and human health is being ravaged by corporations and their government allies. The audience was captivated, enthusiastically encouraging Mr. Kennedy to continue talking when he began to wonder if he had surpassed his speaking time.

Following the speech, the inspired crowd gathered in the Michigan Theater lobby for the reception. They were surrounded by large photographs of Ecology Center campaigns, protests, and victories while enjoying food, drink, and the music of Ken Kozora. Guests lined up to have copies of Mr. Kennedy’s book, Crimes Against Nature, signed and to have the chance to share their own passion for the environment with him.

The 35th Anniversary Celebration raised more than $60,000 for the Ecology Center. We hope that it not only gave our supporters a chance to celebrate, but also brought new friends to the organization who saw that the community has a great amount of support for environmental justice and activism.

Guests, supporters and staff gathered in the Michigan Theater lobby after the speech to talk while enjoying food, drink and music in honor of the Ecology Enter's 35th Anniversary.



Above: Musician Ken Kozora

All photos by Paul Engstrom