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Friday, December 8, 2006

Wet cleaning is finally here! A safe and healthier alternative to dry cleaning has opened for business at 1925 Vernier in Grosse Pointe Woods (313-640-4426). The owners of H20 Cleaners, Kwang and Silvia Chung, have previous experience in dry cleaning, but have now chosen to expand their business to include the latest technology.

Wet cleaning, a slow-cleaning process that does NOT use any harsh or toxic chemicals, alleviates Mr. and Mrs. Chung’s health and environmental concerns. After trying the process, the owners loved the feeling of the textures, the brighter colors of the clothing and the lack of chemical smell that resulted.

When you choose wet cleaning over traditional dry cleaning, your clothes are washed in a fresh load of chemical-free water for a longer period of time at a very low temperature. Each garment is analyzed to determine the appropriate water temperature and agitation to be used. Next, a high-quality pressing machine is used to steam all clothing. According to Mr. Chung, all clothing fabrics are safe to wet clean and even cashmeres, wools and silks all come out great. Wet cleaning will even remove chemical residues from previously dry cleaned clothes, giving them a lighter feel. Now, when the owner arrives home from working in the wet cleaning business, he says he “does not have to immediately shower or change his clothes before hugging his children.”

The Center for Neighborhood Technology, an Illinois-based nonprofit organization, has performed a study on a wet cleaning business in Chicago for the past 10 years. They agree that the environmental benefits are considerable because no hazardous chemicals are used, no air pollution results and there is no soil/water contamination. In fact, the majority of costs associated with wet cleaning go toward paying skilled employees instead of expensive chemicals and the disposal of hazardous wastes.

In the end, the costs to the consumer are the same as a traditional dry cleaning service. In this case, the owners charge the same prices for cleaning garments at their new wet cleaning business as they do at their traditional dry cleaning business. Give wet cleaning a try so we can all breathe a little easier!

For wet cleaning services in the Warren area try Executive Cleaners (586-574-0959) at 28829 Hoover. And ask about wet cleaning at your favorite cleaners.

Source: www.cnt.org

-Jennifer Adlhoch, Winter 2006

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Published on December 8, 2006