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Safe Kids, Homes, Towns



Each day, Michigan residents are exposed to a wide variety of toxic chemicals through the food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, and products we use in our homes.

Of the approximately 80,000 chemical compounds in commercial use today in the United States, less than half have had a full battery of tests for human health impacts. Only a small percent of those chemicals tested have been adequately tested to a broad range of impacts, including damage to the nervous system.

This presents a public health concern because many of the most common environmental toxins may be causing unsafe exposures in our homes, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods.

Our Role

The Ecology Center serves as a leading advocate for nontoxic products, safe manufacturing, chemical policy reform, and a healthier environment in Michigan and the United States. We work with physicians, nurses, public health professionals, environmentalists, community activists, and elected officials to advocate for better environmental health protection under the law, safer products and manufacturing, and a more health-protective chemical policy. Our major environmental health issues of concern are healthy fish consumption, brominated flame retardants, healthy homes, children’s environmental health, and national chemical policy reform.

Environmental Health Project

The Ecology Center's Environmental Health Project draws connections between environmental pollution and human health, particularly as it affects children. From watchdogging Dow Chemical company to working with major suppliers in the health care industry, and with the creation of, the Ecology Center strives to hold polluters accountable and move toward healthier alternatives for consumer products.

We promote chemicals policies that ask corporations and governments to make the safest chemical alternatives the first choice, persuading companies such as Kaiser Permanente and Consorta to move toward safer products. We also launched a Green Chemistry initiative to urge development of an industry that proactively focuses on safer chemical designs.

To address children’s environmental health in our home state, the Ecology Center created the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health, a coalition of health professional, health affected, and environmental organizations advocating for policies and practices that will reduce exposure of children to environmental toxicants.