Ecology Center in Brackets for Good Tournament, Donate Today!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, February 26th at 8 pm kicks off the first Ann Arbor Area Brackets for Good, a competitive fundraising tournament, in which area non-profits have been sized up and matched into brackets for weekly rounds that begin each week on Friday at 8 pm and end the following Friday at 7:59 pm. Points are scored through a 1:1 conversion of your dollars into points to win. The final winner will receive a bonus $10,000. That can go a long way for any of the non-profits participating. While we're not sure if we can beat out puppies and kitties (let's be honest here), we definitely want to make it through a few rounds at the very least. 

How you can help: 

Donate today, next week, and maybe the week after that. Every dollar helps. Tell your friends and family about it. Remind them that the Ecology Center works hard to protect healthy people and a healthy planet. This work is important and you can be involved. 

All donations must pass through the 'Brackets for Good' website in order to count toward the competition. We know this is extra to ask, but we assure you it is a secure site and all the $$ goes directly to the non-profits. 

So, let's rally around the Ecology Center and win this thing! Donate today. 


The Ecology Center Roster 

Left to Right, Front to Back: Jason Bing, Rebecca Meuninck, Michael Garfield, Brigit Macomber, Charles Griffith, Yma Johnson, Kathryn Savoie, Katy Adams, Susan Froelich, Jeff Gearhart, Alexis Blizman, Julia Madden, Mackenzie Munro, Gillian Miller, Nicki Milgrom, Lindsey Scalera, Melissa Sargent, Laura Han, and Mara Herman. Not pictured Ecology Center teammates:  Erica Bertram and Bryan Weinert. 


Published on February 26, 2016