Charge Up Midwest applauds next step in Public Service Commission EV process, calls for near-term action

LANSING – Today, the Michigan Public Service Commission issued an order that establishes a February conference in its electric vehicle (EV) stakeholder process and invites stakeholder input on pilot programs for the State’s electric utilities. 

“As the nation’s auto capital, Michigan should be a leader in electric vehicle production and development,” said Charles GriffithEcology Center Climate and Energy director. “We applaud the Commission for its leadership in addressing the need for utility EV pilot programs that will boost development of electric vehicles in the state and look forward to participating in the Commission’s upcoming technical conference.”

The Commission’s EV stakeholder process began this past summer, with a technical conference held on August 9, 2017. The Commission then invited comments on EV policy issues and for specific pilot program ideas. Charge Up Midwest, an advocacy coalition that is focused on growing EV adoption in the Midwest, has participated throughout, calling for near-term utility action and reporting on the widespread benefits of EVs. Charge Up Midwest includes The Ecology Center, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and Environmental Law and Policy Center.

“Today’s order moves us a step closer to utility-driven EV programs, but we believe the Commission should move faster to invite and consider concrete proposals from Michigan’s utilities,” said Joe Halso associate attorney for the Sierra Club. “This should occur on an accelerated timeline.”

“We welcome the opportunity to participate in the process of bringing forward pilot recommendations, such as electric school buses,” said Tamara Dzubay, clean energy specialist at the Environmental Law & Policy Center.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Commission to make charging infrastructure and EVs more accessible to consumers,” said Aloysius Makalinao, with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Utility customers, EV drivers and key sectors of Michigan’s economy all stand to benefit from increased access to EV charging.”



Published on December 20, 2017