Innovators Series: Making Healthier, Safer Mattresses at Naturepedic

More than a decade ago, Barry Cik walked into a baby store to buy a crib mattress for his first grandchild.  He didn’t know about mattresses, but he knew something about chemicals.  He noticed that children’s mattresses contained lots of nasty chemicals and even worse, it was hard to figure out what else might be in them.  As a hazardous materials manager, he had seen the harm caused by environmental pollution, even in his own community near Lake Erie.

Barry was astounded that he couldn’t find a mattress that he was certain would be safe for his grandchild. Why would we want to use harmful chemicals in a product that we use for almost a third of our lives, Barry wondered, particularly for children.   

At that point, Barry took an unusual step – he started his own mattress company in his garage. More than a decade later, Naturepedic is a successful and expanding business, with products sold all over the world. 

Naturepedic’s journey to make safer mattresses without hazardous flame retardants, phthalates, glues and adhesives, and antimicrobials is detailed in the video below.  Learn how Naturepedic was able to solve a series of design challenges to make a safer mattress.  


Published on May 25, 2016