My Giving Story: Graeme Harris

Running a marathon to help save the planet

In October 2017, Graeme Harris ran the Detroit Marathon, it was his first ever marathon, a daunting task. In order to stay focused and motivated during his difficult training, Graeme fundraised for the Ecology Center. In the end, he not only completed the entire marathon but he also raised $541 for the Ecology Center. It's folks like Graeme that make the critical work of the Ecology Center possible. The Ecology Center extends heartfelt thanks to Graeme. 

We asked Graeme about why he chose to fundraise for the Ecology Center and what advice he had for others, and this is what he said—

“It all started last year when I decided each year I was going to do something that people don’t normally do. Running a Marathon was on my agenda for 2017. Since I was doing something pretty crazy and difficult, I realized I needed something to give me that drive and focus on this marathon. I am someone who is very passionate about the preservation of our planet, in fact, it’s what I’m going into for my career.  So, I took that passion and found an organization (the Ecology Center) that was just as passionate as me about the environment and decided I was going to raise as much money as I could for them. That’s when I discovered the Ecology Center, whose mission aligned with mine.”

“I hope that the money I raised makes a positive impact by helping the Ecology Center with their mission. And, I hope to set an example for other people looking to make a difference. It’s 100% possible. It’s the small acts of a lot of different people that creates the momentum and movement for change.”

Graeme’s advice for fundraising:

“ Don’t give up, be persistent in your efforts. It is difficult to get people to donate money, but if you keep at it, you will get donations. Be clear on your message of why you’re raising money. A clear message that inspires action will get people rallying to your cause and donating. Also as we move into a more digital age, it’s essential that you have an online presence with your campaign. Go Fund Me is a great website for that and is fairly easy to use.”

“Though running a marathon sounds like the hardest thing ever, anyone can do it! I started out my training barely being able to run a mile. Hard work and dedication is all you need to do something that seems out of reach.”

Published on November 25, 2017