Roots and Shoots January 2017


Updates on Policy & Practice: Michigan's Environmental Literacy Plan

Public policy at local and national levels affect us and our students on a daily basis. In this section of the newsletter, we will highlight an issue that relates to environmental or education policy. You may find these topics relevant for your practice or valuable as learning resources for your students. This issue we illustrate the Michigan Environmental Literacy Plan and, using Ann Arbor's school-based environmental education opportunities as a case study, describe some of the diverse forms that environmental education may take.


What Does Research Say?: So Many Benefits of Environmental Education

Research has become a necessary foundation for explaining and justifying the methods we are using to help students achieve learning goals. But keeping up on current educational research can be a challenge. Each newsletter we will provide a brief summary of one or more published research articles. We leave it to you to determine if and how this research may inform your classroom practice.

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Local Trend Setters: Thurston's Green Team

Reading stories of how other people are getting things done can be inspirational and can give us insights into the challenges we may face and pitfalls to avoid if we want to take effective action. Each newsletter we will be featuring a community member who is working to improve the health of our environment. This issue we spotlight the exciting story behind Thurston Elementary Schools' Green Team and their 7-year journey.


Environmental Topics to Teach: Recycling

New lesson ideas are always welcome – especially if they will inspire and engage students! In each issue of this newsletter, we will select one environmental topic, and provide passionate reasons and practical advice for making it a part of your curriculum. This month, we review the value of recycling education and share our insights on how to make it effective and a source of creativity for your students.

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Published on March 17, 2017