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The healthystuff database contains test results from every product we've tested since the project's inception in 2007. Each product was originally part of a targeted campaign to put pressure on retailers, manufacturers, and/or legislators to strengthen policies that protect consumers. We've carried out dozens of different campaigns, which is why you'll find such a wide array of products here.

We provide these data as a public resource, but not as a comprehensive database for any particular product type. Our overarching goal is to transform the toxic materials economy into one that is safe and sustainable. We cannot shop our way out of this problem.

Naturally, consumers want to know which products are the best to buy: Which flooring, which toy, which car seat? Our studies are not necessarily designed to answer these questions. For one thing, testing all the products on the market would be impossible. Instead, we screen a sampling of products and use the results to advocate for improvements in the materials used in various market sectors.

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Foundations - InfaPure 4-inch Full-Size Crib Mattress
Krewe of Nyx Pink Handbag and Round Beads
"Austin" name mug
"Bobby Jack Rocks" pink purse
"Bratz" Sunglasses - Pink/Silver
"Cars" (Disney/Pixar) Franklin Ball
"Dora the Explorer" Sunglasses - Pink
"Dream Love" Heart Cell Phone Charm
"Follow your heart" Red doll
"Go Diego Go!" Sunglasses - Green
"Happy Valentines Day" Frog Button
"HSM" Pendant Necklace
"I'm Not Mean, I'm Just Right" Wallet
"Ice Age" Backpack (w/ bonus pencil case)
"In A Kingdom Far Away" Backpack with free lunch kit
"It's a Girl Thing" Tee Ball Glove
"KAZOO!" Remote Controlled Kite
"Little Princess" 3-bib set
"Maggie's Organics" Sock Monkey
"P" pendant
"Read a Mat" Eat and Learn Placemat
"red" by marcecko Dandelion Satchel
"Splish Splash" starfish bib
"The one and only" Cuddle Pillow
"Tight Grip No Slip" Hair Elastics (Black and White)
"Tight Grip No Slip" Hair Elastics (Brown and Tan)
"Tight Grip No Slip" Hair Elastics (Rainbow)
"Vinyl Aggression" Guy
"Wear It, Declare It" Belt
"Who Loves Baby?" Photo Book
"Who's That Girl?" Play Phone with Carrying Case
"You Rock My World" Frankford Assorted Chocolates
(Bratz slippers)
1 Inch Poly Binder
1 Piece Train Engine
1" View Binder Green
1-1/2 Plastic J-Bend
1.5 inch Chisel Scraper
10 Indoor/Outdoor Shimmering Snowflakes
10 Indoor/Outdoor Snowflakes
10 Jumbo Triangular Crayons
10 Piece Storage Set
10 Squirtin' Sea Buddies
10 Twist-Up Crayons
100 Blue Mini Lights
100 Commercial Grade Icicle Lights
100 Commercial Grade Tangle-Free Lights
100 Constant On Miniature Lights


IMPORTANT NOTE: ratings do not provide a measure of health risk or chemical exposure associated with any individual product, or any individual element or related chemical.