Gasparilla beads green round small

Product Data

Product Name
Gasparilla beads green round small
Test Date
Test Method(s)
Component Bromine ± Chlorine ± Antimony ± Arsenic ± Chromium ± Lead ± Mercury ± Sulphur ± Iron ± Cadmium ± Tin ± Zinc ±
Bead  10,73037,2924,5723999151002,49922340817
Coated 9,78272.625,86820776839.923.7004.18715.81464.901.8013012,21148.604.464.3008.461912.6
Coated 10,10171.326,381211491412.336.4004.298.50017.51435.201.8013472,49852.902.143.500681714.8
Intact 10,73088.937,29224944,29992.738.5005.295.70017.71516.502.3014232,49964.102.734035.771916.8
Substrate 9,80696.527,29819734,4201258.1003.851.50011.61385.201.809871,28039.40917140.142811.5
Substrate 10,23395.225,61019234,57211913.8004.151.30011.71465.401.809881,5394422.40011.914836.659113.6

Unless otherwise indicated, the above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ratings do not provide a measure of health risk or chemical exposure associated with any individual product, or any individual element or related chemical.