Gasparilla beads metallic pink round

Product Data

Product Name
Gasparilla beads metallic pink round
Test Date
Test Method(s)
Component Bromine ± Chlorine ± Antimony ± Arsenic ± Chromium ± Lead ± Mercury ± Sulphur ± Iron ± Cadmium ± Tin ± Zinc ±
Bead  10,08716,4263,8902579150002,7590113617
Coated 8,62473.315,240167666110.325.2004.67313.71505.102012061,62741.90658.1001047011.1
Intact 10,08789.716,42616383,25765.323.9004.57914.91365.802011022,75965.304.689.10019.861715.2
Substrate 6,55539.912,63813893,89011902.322.2006.985.7003.901.4010571,99347.308.311336.52167.6

Unless otherwise indicated, the above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ratings do not provide a measure of health risk or chemical exposure associated with any individual product, or any individual element or related chemical.