"In A Kingdom Far Away" Backpack with free lunch kit

Archived Sample
Tested in 2010

Product Data

Product Name
"In A Kingdom Far Away" Backpack with free lunch kit
Disney Princess; F.A.B. Starpoint
Retailer State
Test Date
Test Method(s)
Component Chlorine Chromium Arsenic Bromine Cadmium Tin Antimony Mercury Lead
back panel 25,11700000000
backpack front bottom 457,62300000000
backpack front top 550,00000000000
dark pink back lining 000000000
dark pink front lining 000000000
front pocket pink lining 61,92600400000
interior silver lining 000000000
light pink fabric top side 68,4090000358000
light pink interior lining 268,93800000000
lunchbox front 426,61600000000
metal zipper pull -0-001,672000
pink fabric zipper pull 000000000
pink lunchbox handle 000000000
pink mesh and fabric side 34,28300000000
pink side/back fabric 24,85300000000

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