Rex Purple Disco and Gold Crown Beads

Product Data

Product Name
Rex Purple Disco and Gold Crown Beads
Test Date
Test Method(s)
Component Antimony ± Arsenic ± Bromine ± Cadmium ± Chlorine ± Chromium ± Iron ± Lead ± Mercury ± Sulphur ± Tin ± Zinc ±
Rex Gold Crown Bead 015.100.354.1001.903018101.211.3001.900.300.4036009.74177.1
Rex Purple Disco Bead 4,59998.202.39,98960.805.94,07179619.3006.257023.687.2003.801.5090253.30025.83529.4

Unless otherwise indicated, the above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ratings do not provide a measure of health risk or chemical exposure associated with any individual product, or any individual element or related chemical.