KT Andresky

Breathe Free Detroit Campaign Organizer

Breathe Free Detroit's campaign organizer KT Andresky is a seasoned activist and a Detroiter who has lived in the shadow of the incinerator for over a decade. Based in the Ecology Center’s Detroit office, she will work to educate and empower the community by carrying out public engagement, public education, and community action campaigns. Her dedication and her expertise in community organizing will help harness collective energy for this grassroots, community-powered campaign.

As an interdisciplinary, social and conceptual artist, teacher and activist; KT blurs lines, crosses borders, raises questions, and changes minds. Her work confronts the mathematic, social, and collaborative aspects of human existence through gardening, art, and activism. She spent the last eight years of her career teaching in Detroit’s urban farms and school gardens; reinforcing a sense of self-reliance, community engagement, and lessons from nature. 

She joins Breathe Free Detroit in her official capacity after longstanding personal and professional investment in her community as an engaged neighbor. She founded The People’s Organization Against Incineration in 2008 and in 2011, of the U.S. Social Forum who created sunflower protest signs at The Yes Farm, her community art and agriculture space. As the member of a farming family and holder of a fine arts degree, she brings deep-seated environmental consciousness and creativity to her passion for growing a healthy and equitable Detroit