The Ecology Center and the U.S. Green Building Council Detroit Region, in partnership with Generation 180, the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, the USGBC West Region, and EcoWorks are proud to present the My Solar School Contest.  

The contest challenges student teams to complete a Solar Study for installing a solar system at their school and to create a Short Video of their vision. Professional mentors will be available from our partner organizations to advise teams and provide technical assistance. 

Purpose: The goal of this competition is to inspire and support teams of students, teachers, and/or parents as they pursue solar electric installations at their school. Student-led teams will compete for the chance to get cash prizes and technical support for their solar project, but every school that participates will come out of the competition a winner; beginning an exploration into having solar photovoltaics installed at their school. The My Solar School Contest will provide guidelines to assist teams in exploring the solar potential of their school.  With the help of partner organizations, professional “solar mentors” will be available for a teleconference or in-person technical assistance to interested student teams.

The Competition: Student-led teams will compete by: 

  1. Performing a Solar Study that investigates a solar photovoltaic project for their school community; and
  2. Creating a Short Video presentation to showcase their vision for solar.

Judging: Submissions will be evaluated by a committee representing the partner organizations. Winning teams will be announced and recognized at the Michigan Earth Day Festival in Rochester, MI.  

The Prize(s): Selected teams will be awarded up to $1,000 in cash prizes to kick-start a fund-raising campaign in their school community, as well as receive, continued technical assistance and promotional support for their campaign. 

Eligibility: Competition is open to teams of one or more students that are enrolled in a K-12 school in Michigan. Eligible student teams must enlist assistance from a teacher(s)/advisor(s) to support the submission. High school teams are highly encouraged; eligible student team leader(s) must be at minimum enrolled in the sixth grade or above.  

Timeline and Submission: Electronic/Online submission only. Pre-Registration is required to receive a solar mentor. Solar mentors will contact Pre-Registered participants by the end of January to schedule a minimum of two (2), one-hour mentoring sessions. Pre-registration is not required but highly encouraged. 
Pre-registration deadline January 19, 2018.
Contest deadline March 30, 2018

Winners will be announced at the Michigan Earth Day Festival in Rochester, MI on Friday, April 20th, 2018. Stay Tuned


Submission Guidelines

Teams will create this campaign by submitting two items: 1) a Solar Study, and 2) a Short Video. All submissions must be received electronically via email to Contest deadline is March 30, 2018. 

1. Solar Study, at a minimum, should be composed of the following four parts:

  • Background: Why is this project important?
  • Project Description: What is your project idea?
  • Solar Energy Analysis: How much energy and savings will your system produce?
  • Project Plan: How do we make this project happen?

The suggested format for the Solar Study is an electronic document or slide presentation (ex: Microsoft Word/PowerPoint or cloud-based documents) 

2. Short Video should be no longer than 5 minutes in length and support the materials provided in the Solar Study.

  • The suggested format for the Short Video is providing a link to content hosted on a video-sharing website (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Contestants are requested to not send video files as they will not be accepted for review.

Questions? Contact Kendal Kuneman via email or phone: 734.369.9271