'Tis the season for giving (and recycling)

flickr/loragmiReceiving gifts is certainly a nice part of this time of year, except that most of us already have way too much stuff.

Fortunately, our partners at Recycle Ann Arbor have produced a very helpful Winter Holiday Reuse & Recycling Guide, with advice that applies for folks in their service area and farther away, too.

“Reducing your environmental impact, while also saving money this holiday season, takes just a few small habit changes,” according to Christine Chessler-Stull, outreach and zero-waste coordinator at RAA.

“For instance, consider purchasing non-material gifts such as experiences or services,” she advises. “Also reuse gift bags from past years and try not to over-package items. You also can reduce food waste by purchasing the exact quantities you need.”

Even for those of us who are “waste aware” this holiday season, there will inevitably still be some items to dispose of such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, or old electronics if you’ve upgraded your computer or television.

“There are many local options to dispose of these materials (and much more) once the holidays are over,” Chessler-Stull says. “Even your Christmas tree can be composted.”

Check out RAA’s holiday guide for ideas about reuse and recycling during the holiday season.


Photo: loragami/Flickr