2016 Health Leaders Fellowship Application Process Opens this November

We are excited to announce the application period for the third year of our Health Leaders Fellowship will open next month in November! The Health Leaders Fellowship is an opportunity for all types of health professionals, at any stage in their career, who are interested in disease prevention and improving health outcomes in their communities.

This fellowship program educates and inspires Michigan health professionals through a series of training sessions and field experiences that focus on the issues and civic engagement. Selected fellows will work with Ecology Center staff and environmental health experts for nine months and learn about the relationships and linkages between environmental health and human health. The training process includes courses and webinars given by environmental health experts that help to prepare Fellows to speak out on behalf of environmental health concerns in three areas: climate and energy, toxic chemicals, and sustainable food systems.

The first cohort of Health Leaders Fellows completed the program this past April and our second cohort will be presenting their final projects in December. Current fellowship participants are in the practicum phase of the program and working with Ecology Center staff on hands-on projects related to the issue of their choice. Practicum topics range from data mapping county-specific health outcomes related to coal-fired power plants to raising awareness in their hospitals about the link between meat raised with the routine use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

The 2016 cohort of fellows will learn how common health problems and chronic diseases are linked to dirty energy production, an unsustainable food system, and toxic chemicals in many of the household products we use each day.

More information about the program can be found here. Download the application here and apply by January 31st, 2016.

The 2015 Health Leader Fellows Cohort

Joyce Stein, RN, BSN talks about the role of health professionals in tackling tough environmental health issues and the Ecology Center's Health Leaders Fellowship.