The Ecology Center is excited to share a fun, colorful and interactive app with you and it just so happens to be about clean energy! Check out this online tool called PicMyEnergyMix Michigan, it allows you to design your preferred energy mix and you can send it straight to key decision makers in Lansing.

This year, your Michigan legislators are preparing to make major choices when it comes to determining what energy sources utilities must use to power our homes and businesses. Will they stick with traditional fossil fuels like coal and gas, or will they make sure that utilities invest in clean, renewable energy like wind and solar that help us improve air quality and public health? It’s up to you. 

Back in September, Governor Snyder announced that Michigan will develop a plan to comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which will go a long ways toward reducing pollution, addressing climate change and positively affecting the health outcomes of Michigan residents. By using PicMyEnergyMix, you will join fellow Michiganders in creating a big picture of what we want our energy future to look like. Check it out here

Even with forward progress on the Clean Power Plan, a few state legislators are working to turn back the clock on clean energy in Michigan. State Senators Mike Nofs and John Proos have been pushing an energy plan that would slam the brakes on renewable energy investment in our state and turn back the clock on the state’s innovative energy efficiency policies.  

That's why your message in support of a cleaner energy mix in Michigan needs to be delivered right now!

By using this simple new tool, you’ll join other Michiganders in calling on our elected leaders to invest more in clean energy in Michigan. Send your mix to the Governor and the Senate Energy and Technology Committee Chair today!