#Resist #Rebuild #Create

The Trump Administration’s agenda threatens many of the environmental and public health gains of the last 50 years.  In just the Administration’s first 100 days, the President proposed a 33% cut to EPA’s budget; issued executive orders to roll back federal climate and vehicle emission regulations; eliminated science panels; and proposed massive deregulation.  These attacks will hurt all of us, but most acutely people of color,  the poor, and the disenfranchised.  Given these threats, we just can’t continue business as usual at the Ecology Center.

This moment in our nation’s history demands greater coordination across justice movements, bolder action and a hopeful long-term vision and strategy. It demands an outpouring of people, fighting to restore our country’s democratic institutions, to protect our communities, and to build an equitable and healthy future.

Campaign financing, legislative gerrymandering, media decentralization, and political polarization have left lawmakers hostage to special interests, and undermined the public’s belief in our democratic institutions  - making it very difficult to advance environmental and public health policy in many parts of the country, and nationally.  

We wrote earlier about the Three Unstoppable Forces to Halt the Trump Rollbacks, including market transformation, state and local action, and the grassroots opposition movement.  Those are areas where the Ecology Center has a long history of engagement and success.  Our work to respond to the Trump era agenda will be three-fold:

#Resist:  work with allies in the environmental movement and beyond to #Resist efforts to roll back important gains in environmental and civil rights protections.

#Rebuild: work to rebuild our democracy by helping to shore up democratic institutions

#Create the foundation of a more just, sustainable and healthy food system, a safe and ecological material economy, and a renewable and equitable energy system.   


We are leading and supporting work to mobilize the grassroots opposition to public health and environmental rollbacks.  We’ve always worked together with partners around the country, and we’ll be joining forces with them to protect our communities and our health from the worst attacks of the Trump Administration and Congress.


We are working to develop the most promising approaches to restoring the institutions of democracy.  Michigan’s partisan-based legislative redistricting process has created one of the country’s most badly gerrymandered political maps.  We will help develop a ballot initiative to create an independent commission to draw the state’s political boundary lines each decade following the national census.


We are working to create innovative solutions for healthy people and a healthy planet.  Join us in building the foundation for a better future:  

Published on May 30, 2017