Report: Electric vehicle expansion in Michigan would save billions

Article Summary: 

News Channel 3 covers a new report on the economic benefits of EV expansion. Charge Up Midwest recruited energy consultants, M.J. Bradley & Associates, to perform an economic analysis of the use of electric vehicles in the state of Michigan. The report concluded that electric vehicle expansion in Michigan makes smart economic sense in addition to being good for the planet. 

“The benefits of electric vehicles for Michigan are significant – especially when it comes to the potential for new auto sector jobs and protecting our air, land and Great Lakes,” said Charles Griffith, climate, and energy program director for the Ecology Center. “to maintain Michigan’s leadership in the auto industry, as well as realize the economic and environmental benefits of reducing our use of imported petroleum, government, the private sector and utilities must work together to create smart policies and investment strategies to support the emerging electric vehicle sector.” 

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Published on August 24, 2017