Tracey Easthope, MPH

Director, Green Chemistry & Safer Materials Project

Tracey Easthope is passionate about creating positive and forward-looking solutions to our most intractable problems and about telling success stories across the state and nation that teach us how we can move toward a safer and more restorative economy.  She is interested in bringing attention to the many innovators are out there, helping us chart a path forward.


This focus on the path forward has distinguished her recent work directing the Ecology Center’s Green Chemistry and Safer Materials Program, as well as her work as a founder and strategic advisor to the Center’s Healthy Food in Health Care program and the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health. Tracey has been a policy analyst and adviser on issues of environmental health in multiple venues, from local to global, throughout her 25 years at the Center. She serves on the Governor-appointed State of Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable, the Steering Committee of the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families coalition and has been part of a national effort to reform TSCA, the law regulating most industrial chemicals in the US. Tracey co-directs Health Care Without Harm’s work on safer materials and was a founding member of that campaign. 


Ms. Easthope holds a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Eastern Michigan University.


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Published on December 29, 2014