Public Transit

Sustainable transportation is any way of getting around that lowers your carbon footprint. That means walking, running, and biking, but it also means utilizing public transportation when available, carpooling when possible, and making the switch to energy alternative vehicles.

The Ecology Center has been the coordinating organization of Partners for Transit (P4T),  a coalition that supports improved and expanded public transit in Washtenaw County and the surrounding region.  P4T led efforts to educate the public about the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority's (AAATA) Transit Improvement Plan for the county's urban core communities, funding for which was approved by an overwhelming majority of voters last Spring.  P4T coalition members plan to monitor progress in implementing the AAATA's plan, as well as continue to advocate for additional transit services for communities throughout Washtenaw County and the region that are part of the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan.

Published on January 26, 2017