Welcome, 2017 Cohort of Health Leaders Fellows

Friday, March 24th, Ecology Center welcomed the 2017 cohort of Health Leaders Fellowship at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

Health Leaders Program Overview: 

Health Leaders learn from experts in the field about the connections between human health and the environment and what can be done to improve health outcomes. Fellows will develop the critical civic engagement skills needed to advocate for change within health care institutions and in the public policy arena. Through a unique guided practicum fellows will gain experience applying new knowledge and skills to help drive social change.

The curriculum focuses on learning and engagement in the following three areas:

Food - All aspects of the food production system, from farm to plate, are explicitly connected to health. Fellows will learn how they can support a healthier food system, not reliant on the misuse of antibiotics and pesticides.

Toxics - Hazardous chemicals present in the environment, our homes, and everyday products are linked to certain cancers, autism and learning disabilities, and infertility. Fellows will learn how to foster safer chemical use in their institutions and how to advocate for policies to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals.

Climate & energy – The use of fossil fuels and resulting climate change is one of the most pressing public health issues we face today. Fellows will examine the health and environmental impacts of energy choices and how health providers can be a part of the solution.

More information about the program. 

Published on March 30, 2017