Why We March

On Saturday, January 21st the Ecology Center family marched for the environment and for justice. We were marching across the nation in Washington DC, Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Dallas Texas, Oakland California, Portland Oregon, Montpelier Vermont, just to name a few.

We are not strangers to conflict, to fighting hard battles for justice. We see that the health of the environment is intimately connected to the health of our children and our communities. We see that in order to fight for environmental justice we must be accomplices to our friends and partners fighting for racial and gender justice, for LGBTQIA+ rights, immigrant rights, and disability rights.

We are women, we are black, we are Jewish, we are Native American, we are gay, we have disabilities. Our children are mixed race, transgender, and the children of recent immigrants. We serve our Arab American and Muslim neighbors through our recycling education program in Dearborn, the Latino community in SW Detroit via Fresh Prescription, and the children of Flint and across Michigan in our work to end lead poisoning.  Our families, our identities and our fight for justice are intersectional. 

We will continue to march for you and with you.  




Published on January 30, 2017