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March Badness! How toxic is your university fan gear?

It’s March and if you live in a college town like I do, that means one thing… MARCH MADNESS!!! This season, is...

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Our Toxic Stuff Event

What's the connection between our health and our stuff, like our furniture, electronics, and children's products? Many of our everyday products contain formaldehyde, toxic flame...

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Find safer products with's 'Retailer Center'

Over the past few years, the Ecology Center's project has tested...

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Green Cosmetics Seminar

April 10th: Cosmetic companies do not have to prove their body care products are safe before they reach store shelves. Indeed many body care products in the U.S. contain chemicals...

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Toxic chemicals found in some of this year's hottest electronic tablets for kids

Lead, PVC, and hazardous flame retardants have been found in some of the most popular electronic tablets for children, according to a new study released by ...

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Consumer Product Testing product testing discloses chemical hazards in products throughout the economy, including back-to-school supplies, Halloween face paint, child car seats, wallpaper and flooring, pet toys, vehicles, and more. These tests drive companies to change products and support policy reform. Since 2007 we have tested and disclosed the chemical content of over 10,000 products. Our work has changed how companies design products and supported state and federal efforts to change chemical policy.

Driving the Market for Healthy Products

Since the launch in 2009, we have had over five million page views. has had 171,349 visitors in the last year, and 1.7 million page views (an outstanding 10 page views per visit on average). Over the past year alone, we’ve had site visitors from over 150 countries (from Anguilla to Zimbabwe) and all

50 states and the District of Columbia. mobilizes the power of consumer to influence product design.

Chemical Policy Reform

Partnering with state non-profit environmental organizations across the country and the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families effort, we work to help pass smart state and federal policies to protect us from toxic chemicals. We’re also having real discussions with the auto industry about changing the way cars are design and encouraging the industry to support key principles of chemical policy reform.