Ballot initiative to give boost to renewable energy

Renewable energy initiative gives Michigan a chance to create new jobs and improve public health

Published on January 12, 2012

‘Hidden hazards in the nursery’

New report: Toxic flame-retardants found in 85 percent of baby products tested, including some in Michigan

Published on January 11, 2012

Michigan Pesticide Notification Registry

Do you want to know in advance if your next-door neighbor’s yard will be sprayed with a dose of harmful chemicals? Chemicals that can be tracked or blown into your yard?

Published on January 10, 2012

At hearing in Detroit, Ecology Center advocates better fuel economy standards

New standards: good for the environment, good for consumers, good for the economy


Obama's 'double-down' support gives a push to renewable energy

'I will not walk away from the promise'

President Barack Obama’s strong support for Michigan’s future as a center for clean energy is just the latest indication of the promise and potential of this industry for our state.

Cleaning Products’ “Dirty Secrets”

Carcinogens, hormone disruptors, allergens. These are not words you would expect to find on the outside of a bottle of household cleaning solution.

Published on December 10, 2011

Pet Peeves: The Summer Months Can Bring Hazards to Animals

Michiganders wait the long, cold winter for the footloose freedom of summer, and chances are, so do our pets.

Published on July 7, 2011

Lawn Chemicals Linked to Cancer in Dogs

A study from Purdue University compares Scottish Terriers with and without chemical-treated lawns. They found:

Published on August 16, 2010

Lawn Sign Update

Popping up in yards this spring—even before the tulips and daffodils—are little white and green signs. Don’t breathe in too deeply, though.

Published on March 25, 2008

Shampoo Labels Don’t Come Clean

Consumers can be spotted in grocery and convenience store aisles across the U.S. turning over bottles of shampoo, lotion, bubble bath, and more. What are these everyday detectives sleuthing for?

Published on September 24, 2007