Reduce Waste this Holiday Season

Every month, Ann Arbor’s Materials Recovery Facility hosts an Open House that allows folks from the community to see what happens to their recyclables, explore a certain waste-related topic, and participate in a craft or activity. The Ecology Center leads the programming out at the MRF which includes weekday tours for school groups and adults, and these monthly events.

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for a Healthy Planet

1. Consume Less!

Buying less stuff will save you money, use fewer resources, and create less waste. Think about how necessary your purchases are before you buy. When you do need an item, invest in things that are built to last. Studies show a simpler life is a happier life. Check out the #2 and #3 for more ideas on reducing consumption and waste.

Health and Energy Day in Lansing

On November 4th, the Ecology Center hosted a Health and Energy Legislative Education Day in collaboration with its partner organizations including MI Air MI Health, Moms Clean Air Force, and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation-Michigan Chapter. The event was created because health professionals provide a unique perspective of translating the community level impact of policy level decisions. These health practitioners also play a critical role in policy advocacy to ensure that health is always a part of the consideration in making policies.

Transit Victory in Scio Township

On November 3rd, voters in Scio Township overwhelmingly approved a new 10-year millage to expand transit services. Under the leadership of the Ecology Center and Partners for Transit the millage passed with 68% support, with all precincts voting in favor. 

Recycling Comes to Local School Sports Fields

Grosse Pointe Public Schools (GPPSS) are on their way to diverting over a half million drink bottles—over six tons worth of plastic—from landfills and incineration. That’s how much Thomas Zaglaniczny, Supervisor of Energy and Building Operations, estimates is thrown away each year at the sports fields associated with the schools. This summer, after a successful first year of fundraising, the district placed thirteen recycling bins at six different school locations. Two more await signage and soon will be sited at two additional fields.

Have a Happy Holiday Without All the Food Waste

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, the amount of waste we produce increases by about 1 million extra tons or 25%. That’s a lot of Sears ads, leftovers, Saran wrap, and Amazon boxes.


The Ecology Center is excited to share a fun, colorful and interactive app with you and it just so happens to be about clean energy! Check out this online tool called PicMyEnergyMix Michigan, it allows you to design your preferred energy mix and you can send it straight to key decision makers in Lansing.

2016 Health Leaders Fellowship Application Process Opens this November

We are excited to announce the application period for the third year of our Health Leaders Fellowship will open next month in November! The Health Leaders Fellowship is an opportunity for all types of health professionals, at any stage in their career, who are interested in disease prevention and improving health outcomes in their communities.

Food and Healthcare Sectors Collaborating for Healthy Communities

Put together a food access activist wit

Published on October 23, 2015

Join us for a special screening of The Human Experiment, an award winning documentary about the impacts of toxic chemicals on our health and our lives. 

The film follows the stories of four women and how everyday toxics exposures affected their health and the health of their loved ones. The Ecology Center's own Jennifer Canvasser is one of the four amazing women featured in the film.

Ann Arbor District Library 343 South Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104