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Today the Ecology Center and its partners celebrate the winners of the My Solar School Contest, a Michigan-based K-12 school competition organized to inspire and support teams of students (grades 6-12), teachers and/or parents pursue solar electric installations at their school.
Hundreds of you have already taken action to send a message to DTE’s CEO Jerry Anderson, and together with our partners in the PowerUp Michigan campaign, we will be delivering those petitions to DTE headquarters soon.  If you haven’t signed the petition, we urge you to.
Laggard retailers warrant failing grades for their poor chemicals policies.
Ashley Dehudy, 2017 Health Leaders Fellow and Pediatrician, speaks at Ecology Center's Membership Meeting. 
Join us on April 18th for the Lead Education Day. You’ll be paired up with lead poisoning prevention experts and visit key members of the Michigan House and Senate in small teams to talk to them about policies and practices that prevent kids from being exposed to lead.

Innovative Solutions for People & Planet

We believe that the central question of our time is how human beings are going to thrive in the world without destroying the earth's ability to sustain us. In the face of enormous environmental challenges, virtually all sectors of our society are now scrambling to create solutions, and the Ecology Center plays a critical role in advancing the best models.

To do that, we employ four core strategies:

  • We educate consumers to help keep their families healthy and safe.
  • We push corporations to use clean energy, make safe products, and provide healthy food.
  • We provide people with innovative services that promote healthy people and a healthy planet.
  • We work with policymakers to establish laws that protect communities and the environment.
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Our Work

We focus our efforts in a few specific areas, where we've developed deep expertise, analyzed opportunities, and identified strategies for maximum impact. We descrive these overarching areas as Environmental Health, Sustainable Food, Energy & Climate Change, and Zero Waste. To put it very briefly, we work to make your products safer, your food more local, the energy you use cleaner, and to make less waste in the process.