Two images: an adult in a hard hat talks to children in hard hats at the recycling center; the recycling center

Recycling and Zero Waste Education

The Ecology Center Education Team builds strong support for zero waste through EC led workshops, classroom curricula, educator trainings, and printed resources.

Recycling System Trainings

Just starting to recycle at your school? Or looking for a refresher on what can be recycled and what happens to that useful waste? Consider one of our programs specifically designed to provide age-appropriate and interactive orientation to your school’s recycling service. Programs for all grade levels and adult audiences are available.

Zero-Waste Lessons for K12 Classrooms

Beyond recycling, grade-specific workshops explore waste issues to raise awareness about pollution and promote zero waste habits.

How do I request a program?

We are currently funded to provide solid waste education FREE to private and public schools in Ann Arbor and select Washtenaw County schools.  For more details or to request a free program, visit these links:

Classroom visits and virtual resources are available to other communities on a case by case basis. Contact us to request a quote. We tailor all programming to meet your community and classroom needs, and often work with municipalities or community groups to secure funding for district-wide education.